Korea International School (KIS) welcomes your interest in becoming a member of our outstanding faculty. We have skilled and dedicated faculty members who create learning pathways for students from around the globe.

Our Mission

The Mission of Korea International School is to inspire students with a passion for learning and to cultivate the competence, self-assurance, initiative, and creativity necessary for success in the global community.

Our History

Korea International School was founded on August 21, 2000. It is a privately owned coeducational day school which offers a general academic curriculum for students of all nationalities.

Campus Life

A short video showcasing life at KIS.

Teachers as Humans

KIS Teachers as Humans is a series that peels back the persona of our teachers and reveals their human side.

The Aikwangwon Experience

The Junior Class spends 3 days with Aikwangwon residents during their fall EE trip. In these overnight trips, students are challenged to learn in the real world. The EE trips are designed to build class unity and promote service and global awareness.


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